Kamin Realty through it’s affiliate LLC’s is the acquisition arm of the Kamin Company, a leading United States real estate investment group with property holdings in 44 states including Puerto Rico, totaling over 15,000,000 square feet.

kamin portfolio


Acquisition Criteria

Property Type:  Net leased single-tenant retail and strip shopping centers. Trophy Locations
Performance:  Above average tenant sales per square foot.
Location: Nationwide, with a focus on dense infill locations.
Leverage: Existing debt, with a focus on self-liquidating debt preferred. High yield maintenance and defeasance costs are acceptable.
Price: $2 million – $200 million
Closing Time: Speedy due diligence and closing periods.
Cap Rate: Cap rates range depending on multiple factors, including the interest rate on the existing debt, under-market rentals and other factors.
We are principals, acquiring for our own account. As such, all information provided to us is held in the strictest confidence.