About Us

Kamin Realty Company was founded in 1916 by Herman Kamin as a home development business. After many years of residential construction, the company enlarged and began developing and investing in apartment complexes throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. As the business grew, Mr. Kamin recruited the expertise of his son, Harry W. Kamin, to assist him in the future expansion of the company.

Since 1969, grandson, Daniel G. Kamin, current owner and president, has been managing Kamin Realty. Under his direction, the company continued to evolve and has emerged at the forefront of commercial real estate investment.

Today, the Kamin Realty Group through it’s affiliate LLC’s ranks as the 38th largest shopping center and net lease retail property owner in the United States. With over 400 properties in 44 states including Puerto Rico and a gross leasable area of over 15,000,000 square feet, the company continues to grow.